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Travel Buddy Project
This site will have links to the books and suggested activities from the classrooms that participated in the Traveling Buddy Project

Activities for Comet's Nine Lives by Jan Brett

These activity plans came from Maura Alves's 2nd grade class at Brookside Elementary School in Milford, Massachusetts.
Day 1
Read aloud Comet's Nine Lives by Jan Brett for enjoyment. The tape and book may also be made available if you have it.
Day 2
During a second reading, complete the Treasure Hunt that is found in "All About News Notes" (being sent with Snuggles). It is also available at Treasure Hunt.
Day 3
Create a sailors bracelet for Snuggles! Directions can be found at Bracelet (materials will be sent with the book).
Day 4
Spell Snuggles' name with flags. Use the lesson plan of Theresa Hamlin that is found on the "Piggy Back" page of Jan Brett's site.
Day 5
Read about Mrs. Alves' Class Travel Buddy, Felix, and his adventures on Nantucket Island during the summer of 1998.

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