Nautical flags spelling CometNautical Flag ActivityNautical flags spelling Comet

Sailors use flags to talk to each other. Each flag stands for a letter or a word. Sometimes the flag tells whose ship it is. For instance there is a special flag for the admiral's ship.

Spell your name using flags.

1. Print the flag name grid. Be sure the printer is set to horizontal page setup!

2. Go to either of these web sites and get the flag key. You could print it or copy it to your hard drive and display it via an overhead projector or LCD. or

3. Get one marker or crayon for each color in the key.

4. Write one letter for each letter of your name on the lines provided under each grid. Put one letter under each grid.

4. Color the grids to match the flag for each letter.

Other ideas for flag activities:

1.Make a bulletin board showing your classes name in flags across the top. Display the students work.

2. Make your own class flag using the traditonal colors and geometric shapes of the nautical flags.

3. Post a message using the flags with the key and encourage the students to decode it.

4. What do the flags spell in Comet's Nine Lives? What do you think happen?

5. What common nautical flag can you name?

6. What is the flag for a skin diver in the water? Why would it be important to look out for that flag if you are in a boat?

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