The Hat Play

The Hat
Reader's Theater

You will need:

  •   Eight  actors, two narrators, a group of children and seven character masks which you can download from this page.

  •   Items for line.  Gloves, socks, hat, sweater, long johns, scarf and vest.

  •   2 coat racks, string, white bed sheets, brown crepe paper and fallen tree branches.

  •   Large piece of cardboard, and paint.

  •   New plastic trash barrel with paper to cover and paint.

  •   Follow the directions in the illustration above to make the set.

     Click on the thumbnail images below.  Use a printer to print them, glue to poster board, cut out.  A good way to manage the character masks is to attach them to a wand which can be held. To make a wand, take a piece of typing paper and starting with one corner, roll tightly toward the opposite corner.   Then secure with tape. 

Click Here for the text of the play or
 Click Here for the PDF version of the text

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