The Hat

Jan Brett


Narrator 1
Narrator 2
Mama Pig
Student group for "All"

Narrator 1: Winter was on the way. Lisa took her woolen clothes out of the chest and carried them outside.

Narrator 2: She was hanging them up in the fresh air, when a strong wind blew one of her stockings off the line.

Narrator 1: Curious Hedgie found it and poked his nose in. When he pulled it out, the stocking was stuck on his prickles.

Hedgie: How embarrassing,

All: Hedgie thought.

Narrator 2: The mother hen came by with her chicks.

Hen: Cackle, cackle Whatís that on your head, Hedgie?

Hedgie: Why, itís my new hat. Isnít it beautiful?

Narrator 1: The mother hen cocked her head as if she had an idea.

All: And off she ran.

Narrator 2: Hedgie saw the noisy gander looking down at him.

Gander: Honk honk! Ho, ho, ho! Look at that! The hedgehog has flipped his gizzard.

Hedgie: Laugh today, Gander. But tomorrow when it rains, my hat will keep me dry.

Narrator 1: The gander thought for a moment.

All: And off he ran.

Narrator 2: The barn cat was watching from a tree as Hedgie tugged at the stocking.

Cat: Meow. What a silly-looking hedgehog you are, with that thing on your head.

Hedgie: But my ears will be warm in a snowstorm.

Cat: Hmmmmmmm.

All: And off he ran.

Narrator 1: The farm dog and her puppies found Hedgie in a patch of brambles.

Dog: Hedgie, is that a hat youíre wearing? How funny you look,

All: She barked, and her puppies yelped and giggled.

Hedgie: But Iíll be cozy and dry when it snows.

All: The farm dogís ears perked up. And off she ran.

Piglets: Oink Oink!

Mama Pig: What are you up to, Hedgie?

Hedgie: Making sure my hat doesnít fall off if an icy wind blows up.

Mama Pig: I see.

All: And off she ran.

Pony: Hedgie, what is that ridiculous thing on your head?

All:  The pony snorted at Hedgie.

Narrator 2: That was the last straw.

Hedgie: Itís my hat, of course. Donít you know that everyone should wear a hat in winter when itís cold and snowy!

Narrator 1: The pony looked startled. Hedgie was usually so friendly.

All: And off he ran.

Narrator 2: Hedgie just wanted to be alone. He was tired of everyone laughing at him, and with this thing on his head, he wouldnít even fit in his den.

Narrator 1: He didnít see Lisa running after him, the other stocking in her hand.

Lisa: Come back, you silly hedgehog.

Hedgie: Oh, no. Even the girl is laughing at me.

Narrator 2: Lisa caught up and pulled her stocking off Hedgieís head.

Lisa: You ridiculous little hedgehog. Donít you know animals donít wear clothes!

Narrator 1: Hedgie headed for his den, and Lisa started back toward the clothesline.

All: Thatís when she saw all of her missing woolens.

Narrator 1: The animals had taken them and each one was thinking:

All: Now I am wearing a magnificent hat!

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