Horses are measured by the width of the human hand (hh). This is four inches or ten centimeters. Measurement is taken from the ground up to the withers. The withers is the highest point on a horse's shoulder.

Light breeds of horses measure between 15.1 hh and 16.2 hh. Heavy breeds of horses are between 16.2 hh and 17.2 hh. Ponies measure under 14 hh.

Measuring-Up Activity

Use your math skills to convert a horses height from human hands (hh) to inches (in) and centimeters (cm). You may need a pencil and paper. Click on the link to check your answer.

Remember 1 hh equals 4 in or 10 cm.

17 hh = ?in ?cm

9 hh =

?in ?cm
12 hh = ?in ?cm

14 hh =

?in ?cm
8 hh = ?in ?cm

18 hh =

?in ?cm
10 hh = ?in ?cm

11 hh =

?in ?cm
15 hh = ?in ?cm

16 hh =

?in ?cm

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