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Pictures from Mrs. Bruner's Classroom

Hedgeetta and her three hoglets

Welcome to Elementary West School in Loogootee, Indiana

Hedgeetta has come back to Mrs. Bruner's classroom after having her hoglets. She has her three hoglets with her. The students are excited to see the new babies and Hedgeetta. The students are taking turns holding the new hedgehogs. Their spikes are not as sharp as Hedgeetta's and can be held without using the rubber gloves. The students like to hold the new hoglets. They can move very fast so you have to be careful and hold on to them.

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This is Hedgeetta and all of her new hoglets. They are almost as large as she is. Hedgeetta is the one closest to the boys. She is not being held. The students take turns holding and getting to know the new hoglets. They are prickly on top but they are soft and furry on the underside. There are two males and one female. Mrs. Bruner will keep one of the males and will give the other two away. One will go to the owner of Gonzo and the last one is going to go to teacher in our school.

Hoglet2.gif (41742 bytes) The Hedgehogs like to play.  But most of the time, during the day, they like to sleep. They are in a separate cage from Hedgeetta. She has weaned them and they are eating food on their own.  If they were living in the wild the hoglets would be living on their own with no food or help from their mother.

The students enjoying holding the hoglets and showing them the classroom.

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