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     I am Hedgeetta, and I am the classroom pet for Mrs. Bruner's class at Elementary West School. We hope you will visit with us and find out about Hedgehogs. If you would like to ask us questions about having a hedgehog as a classroom pet, E-mail Mrs. Bruner's classroom at [email protected]

Hedgehog Activities

Teaching Activities &
Traveling Buddy


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Student Activities

Iconhog2.gif (890 bytes) Hedgehog Facts
Find out about the different kinds of hedgehogs around the world. This is a slide show of facts and pictures about hedgehogs.

Iconhog2.gif (890 bytes) See Pictures of Hedgeetta.
Elementary West has a pet hedgehog. Her name is Hedgeetta. Read information about her and see pictures of her while she is at school

Iconhog2.gif (890 bytes) Read Stories About Hedgeetta.
Read stories about hedgehogs written and illustrated by students.

Iconhog2.gif (890 bytes) Hedgeetta and Gonzo
Hedgeetta had hoglets in the fall. See pictures and learn about taking care of hoglets.

ICONHOG2.GIF (890 bytes) Hoglet Pictures
Hedgeetta had hoglets in the fall. See pictures and learn about taking care of hoglets.

Iconhog2.gif (890 bytes) Take a Quiz About Hedgehogs
After you have read all about hedgehog you can test your knowledge about hedgehogs by taking this quiz.

Iconhog2.gif (890 bytes) Make a 3-D Hedgehog
Want to make a hedgehog. This site will give you directions for doing an art project.

Iconhog2.gif (890 bytes) Hedgehog Activities
Do hedgehog activities with books from
 Jan Brett -The Hat and The Mitten

Iconhog2.gif (890 bytes) Wordsearch & Crossword Puzzles
Print out a wordsearch or crossword puzzle using words having to do with hedgehogs.


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