The Animals of Town Mouse Country Mouse

You can print these masks and use them for a Town Mouse Country Mouse play.

Town Mouse Country Mouse

This is a great project to use with my book Town Mouse Country Mouse

They're quite large and download slowly, but I hope that you'll be pleased by the quality.
Click on each animal to display the full sized mask artwork

Printing Suggestions

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Mrs. Town Mouse
Mrs. Town Mouse
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"Squeaky Squeak"
"I want to see wildflowers for a change.
It would be nice to hear spring peepers."
Mrs. Town Mouse is enchanted
by the beautiful country,
but does she know
it can be dangerous too?

Mr. Town Mouse
Mr. Town Mouse
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"This country life is just the change I need.
I can't wait to taste fresh blackberries.."
Mr. Town Mouse finds out
that while he's looking
for wild blackberries,
somebody is looking for him..

Mr. Country Mouse
Mr. Country Mouse
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"Chir, Chir, Chir"
"Cheese is what brings me to the town house.
I'm read to sample cheddar cheese,
blue cheese and Swiss cheese."
In the town house,
Mr. Country Mouse finds that
he can smell the cheese,
but it is not so easy
to eat the cheese.

Mrs. Country Mouse
Mrs. Country Mouse
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"Squeak, Squeak, Squeak"
"I've always wanted to live in a grand house
and sleep in a bed covered with satin."
Mrs. Country Mouse
finds lots of beautiful things
in the town house.
but she can't relax and enjoy them.

The Cat
The Cat
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"Sauces and ham, it's hungry I am!
Mice in my stew,
wait till I catch you!"
Cat loves to chase mice in his town house,
but lately everything is going wrong.
These new mice lead him into one disaster after another.

The Owl
The Owl
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"Hoot, Hoot, Hoot"
"I'm on the lookout for little mice,
a mousey snack
tastes really nice."
Owl spies the mice,
but just as he's ready to swoop down,
something happens.
Why does he always just miss his chance?
to eat the cheese.

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