Jan Brett's Hedgehog Screensaver

To install jan_brett_hedgehogs_mac.hqx for Mac
 click on the link above and choose

 "Save this program to disk"
"Save as"

      Once you have saved the file to your disk, double-click on the "jan_brett_hedgehogs_mac.hqx" file to de-compress it.
       You should get a file named "janbrett."  Put this file in your Control Panels folder which can be found in the System Folder and restart. After restarting,  go to your apple menu and open your control panels. You should see a control panel called "janbrett", which will let  you set your options for how the screen saver will run.  
     I hope that you enjoy all of my friends.  Hundreds of the little  hedgehogs are waiting to bounce of the bottom of your screen. 

                                                                           Jan Brett

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