International Travel Buddy Project
Prickles in Paeroa, North Island NEW ZEALAND
at Hikutaia School
November 10- November 30, 1998

Prickles Arrives in New Zealand
Dear Mrs. Bruner Class,

     This is just to let you know what Prickles has been up to while she has been here in New Zealand. Last Friday she went to our class wedding. All of the children dressed up and we had a pretend wedding ceremony out on the lawn by our classroom. Prickles loved seeing all the pretty dresses and the bride and groom all dressed up.


     She smelled the flowers that the flower girls were carrying! She sat up on the table by the wedding cake! Prickles used her very best manners and said "Please" and "Thank you". She really enjoyed the day.

Sun and Smiles from
 Room Five and Prickles

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