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Travel Buddy Project
Snuggles in Charleston, West Virginia
at Glenwood Elementary School
November 4-November 12, 1998

Mrs. Kelley's Third Grade Class
Hi Class,

I am having fun in Charleston, West Virginia. My class has 18 students, 9 boys and 9 girls. There is one teacher and one mentor. The students like to read to me and I am allowed to go to the library with them. When students are being quiet, I am allowed to sit on some one's desk. When the class is in trouble, I turn around and don't look at them.

We have taken several pictures with my camera. On Tuesday my class took me to a place called Safety City. We will learn to be safe on the street, during a fire, and during a Shelter-In-Place (staying inside a room without windows when there is a chemical leak). We practice this like you probably do for a Fire Drill or Tornado Drill.

On our way back to school on Tuesday, we are going to have our picture taken in front of the West Virginia State Capital Building. It is very pretty. It has real gold on the roof. One day next week a TV man from a local news station is coming to ask the children all about me, I might even have my picture in the newspaper! If I do, one of the teachers said she would scan it and send it to you.

West Virginia is a very neat state. The capital is Charleston. West Virginia became a state in 1863. Before that is was part of Virginia, but they split during the Civil War because the people in this section agreed with the north that people should not own slaves. West Virginia has the same state bird that Indiana has. It is the cardinal. We have more mountains here than any other state east of the Rocky Mountains. Our chief natural resource is coal.

I will E-mail you next week. I miss you and look forward to seeing you at Christmas.