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Travel Buddy Project
Activities for Les Trois Cochon
(a Cajun story of The Three Little Pigs) written by Sheila Collins

Rachael David & Cindy Hargrave,1st grades
Vermilion Parish School; Erath, LA 70533
Day 1
Read a regular version of The Three Pigs. The Three Little Pig
by James Marshall is a good one to use.
Activity 1
Discuss the main characters and sequence of events.
Have children discuss the advice they may give if they were a specific character.   Share information in a chart form. 
Day 2
Read the cajun version of The Three Pigs called Les Trois Cochon.
Discuss the two stories.
Activity 2
Compare and contrast the stories.  Use a Venn Diagram to do a comparison and construct as to how the stories are alike and how they are different.
Do the children speak or know other languages?  How could they change the words of the story using their knowledge of another language.  Write another version of the story using the language, customs, and ideas from another custom.
                 Make pink paper pigs. Use paper plates and color or paint pink. Use pink paper to make head, ears, feet, and tail. The tail can be a long strip of paper that can be curled on a pencil. All parts can be glued on to the paper plate. Glue the tail onto the back of the plate.
Day 3
   Read The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig  by
                   Eugene Trivizas.  Discuss and compare this story to the original Three Little Pigs and the Cajun Version Les Trois Cochon
Share information on a chart.
Activity 3
Discuss the characteristics of folk tales. Share information on a chart.
Make pencil puppets of the characters in the three version of the stories. These can be done by dividing the class into groups with each group taking a story to create the characters from the story. Use shite construction paper and draw, color and cut out the characters. These can then be taped to pencils and used as puppets as the groups recreate the stories.

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