Getting to Know

Jan Brett

Jan Brett 

     In this activity, you will be learning more about author and illustrator Jan Brett.  Please read the directions below and complete the activity.


1. Click here to locate the activity page.   Ask your teacher before printing.  Print one copy of this page.

2.  Click here to visit Jan Brett's home page and read the author information.  

3.  Answer the questions on the activity page using your best handwriting.  Remember to use your own words. 

4.  Use your back arrow to return to this page.

5.  Check your work and turn it in to your teacher.

How your work will be graded:

Did you answer all of the questions on the activity page?

Did you write using complete sentences?

Did you use your own words when writing?

Did you use your best handwriting?


It's your turn to give the grades.   After you have completed at least one activity, tell us what you think. 

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