The Umbrella

Reader's Theater Play


Papa: Hey, little Carlos, where are you going with that umbrella?

Carlos: Into the cloud forest, Papa, to see what I can see. I will look for a jaguar, a monkey, a toucan, a kinkajou, and a tapir.

Papa: Good luck, Carlos.

Narrator 1: Carlos walks into the cloud forest. It is silent.

Narrator 2: Drip, drip, drip.

Carlos: I’ll have to climb up for a better look.

Narrator 1: Carlos drops his umbrella.

Narrator 2: He climbs up the fig tree.

Narrator 1: Drip, drip, drip. A little puddle grows in the umbrella.

Narrator 2: A tiny tree frog leaps down and slips into the water.

Froggy: Hello. I have this puddle all to myself.

Narrator 1: He slips into the water.

Narrator 2: Only his eyes show.

Narrator 1: Plop! A ripe fig falls into the umbrella.

Narrator 2: Froggy sees Toucan’s sharp beak.

Froggy: Go away!

Narrator 1: Toucan does not move.

Narrator 2: He waits for another fig to fall.

Narrator 1: Scratch…scratch…scratch! Something slides down the tree.

Narrator 2: It gets louder and louder until THUMP! Kinkajou falls in.

Froggy: You’re too big!

Toucan: You can’t stay here!

Narrator 1: Kinkajou gets comfortable.

Narrator 2: After looking all night for food, he has a place to rest.

Narrator 1: Thump! Crash! Thump!

Narrator 2: Baby Tapir blunders into the green umbrella.

Baby Tapir: Mama!

Froggy, Toucan and Kinkajou: She’s not here!

Narrator 1: The umbrella’s shiny green leaves shiver and shake.

Narrator 2: Baby Tapir is staying here until his mother comes for him.

Narrator 1: Swish! Swish! A pretty bird sails down on the umbrella handle.

Narrator 2: Quetzal looks down at Froggy, Toucan, Kinkajou, and Baby Tapir rocking back and forth.

Froggy, Toucan,  Kinkajou and Baby Tapir
: Fly away.

Narrator 1
: But Quetzal is too busy to listen to them.

Narrator 2: Suddenly, Monkey jumps down.

Narrator 1: He grabs the umbrella, flings it into the water and jumps in.

Froggy: What is going on?

Narrator 2: Water starts to pour into the umbrella.

Toucan, Kinkajou, Baby Tapir, and Quetzal: We will sink! That monkey doesn’t think before he acts.

Froggy: Who’s sitting on me?

Kinkajou: Stop poking your beak into me.

Baby Tapir: Blaaht!

: You’re getting my feathers all wet.

Narrator 1: Jaguar is cleaning his silky black spots.

Narrator 2: He hears everyone and looks up.

Narrator 1
: The umbrella floats by, he jumps in and makes it sink even deeper into the water.

Narrator 2: The animals move out of his way.

Froggy: No problem.

Froggy, Toucan, Kinkajou, Baby Tapir, and Quetzal: Be our guest!

Narrator 1: Just don’t eat us up! is what they think.

Narrator 2
: Hummingbird flies by. He sees the big green umbrella handle sticking up. He wants to stop for a little rest.

Narrator 1: As he is about to land, they all start shouting.

Jaguar: No room!

Monkey: Move on!

Quetzal: Find another place!

Kinkajou: We got here first!

Toucan: Stay away!

Baby Tapir: Blaaaht!

Froggy: Good – bye!

Narrator 2
: But Hummingbird lands anyway.

Narrator 1 and 2

Narrator 1
: The umbrella tumbles over and everyone falls out.

Narrator 2: The animals crawl up the bank as the umbrella pops to the top of the water and floats back to the shore.

Narrator 1
: Up in the giant fig tree, Carlos looks out at the sea.

: No animals today. I wonder where they all are.

Narrator 2: He climbs down, picks up his umbrella and walks home.

Narrator 1: The sun shines on the umbrella and Carlos sees the shape of the tree frog.

: Hey, little froggy, come with me tomorrow and I’ll show you some animals. I’m going to find them for sure.

Narrator 2: Carlos props the umbrella outside the door.

Narrator 1
: Drip, drip, drip. Water falls from the roof.

Narrator 2: Froggy slides down the handle and slips into the water.

Froggy: Hello! I have this puddle all to myself.


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