Making a Pine Cone Bird Feeder

During cold weather, birds search for food to eat. A pine cone feeder will attract hungry birds to your window or backyard. Look outside to find a pine cone that is open. A good size cone is between 4 to 7 inches long.


Easy-to-follow steps

1. Put some newspaper on the floor.

2. Tie the string or yarn to top or the bottom of the cone.

3. Use the spoon to apply the peanut butter to the pine cone. Press the peanut butter into the open parts of the cone. Cover the entire cone with peanut butter.

4. Roll your sticky pine cone in the bowl of bird seed. The seed will stick to the peanut butter. Holding the string, gently shake off any excess seed onto the newspaper.

5. Set your pine cone feeder onto another piece of newspaper. Wrap the paper around your feeder. This will help you to carry it outside without dropping seeds.

6. Hang your feeder by a window or on a branch of a tree. Soon you will notice birds at the feeder. Watch,enjoy and remember that you have helped birds to survive in cold weather. Try to name all of the birds that you see. Scroll down to see a Chickadee eating from a pine cone feeder.

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