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Activities for The of Big Block of Chocolate by Janet Slater Redhead

Evelyn Kelley, 1st Grade; Inglenook Elementary School
Birmingham, AL 35217
Day 1
Read the book and learn the repetition in the story.
Activity 1
Open a bag of Chocolate Miniature Bars and graph the different kinds of mini candy bars. You could also do likes and dislikes, with nuts or without nuts, etc.  Discuss where these were made in the United States. Also graph the favorite chocolate of each student.
Web sites to visit:
M & M Site http://www.m-m.com
Hershey's Website and town http://www.hersheys.com
Hershey, Pennsylvania http://www.grouptravels.com/usa_can/pa/hjershey.html
Chocolate Facts  http://k-6educators.tqn.com/library/blmmtest.htm
Day 2
Read the book again and discuss the animals in the book. A
cat, a dog, a magpie, and ants.
Activity 2

Find these animals on the Little
Explores Dictionary Page on the internet
Extension would be to graph students pets, of favorite pets, etc.
Day 3
Chocolate and Colors.
Find your favority color of candy on the Crayola page. Is chocolate the
only color candy we like? http://www.crayola.com/index/html
Activity 3
Make something from chocolate. Look at the recipes at the site
Chocolate recipes - http://sunsite.auc.dk/recipes/english/cat50.html
Make a chocolate pudding cups with white clouds on top. Use chocolate pudding and Cool Whip for the clouds.
Dream of your favorite candy. Write a story about your favorite chocolate candy.
Day 4
Chocolate and Nutrition. Visit the Dole 5 A Day Site
and discuss nurtition found in chocolate. Request a free CD for your
classroom for future study in nutrition.
Activity 4
Other body nutrition sites:
Another great site or children activities and links for nutrition is
Greentown Elementary.
Day 5
Chocolate and the Insects. Discuss the book and how
the ants felt after enjoying the chocolate. Compare the different kinds of ants. Also, what kind of weather were they having when they found the candy.
Activity 5
What holidays do we really eat chocolate?
Christmas link and activities and other children links:

Additional Activities to do with chocolate

Internet Projects with Chocolate:
Chocolate Summaries Begins 3/30/99 to 4/16/99 register with
Lynne Start - [email protected]  http://www.hobart.k12.in.us
Registered at Global Schoolhouse http://gsn.org

The Great Chocolate Experience II January 19-March 13, 1999
Visit site at: http://www,iceberg.org/~gbequett
Also registered at the Global Schoolhouse site.

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