The Mitten Activity

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Task:  Identify and research animals using the internet.

Book:  The Mitten

Overview: After reading The Mitten, you will use the internet to research one of the animals found in the story.  Please read the directions below and complete the activity.


1.  Read The Mitten by Jan Brett.

2.  Choose one animal from the story to research.

3.  Click here to get a research guide for this activity.

4.  Locate the print icon on the tool bar of your browser. (Ask your teacher before printing.)  Print a copy of the research guide.

5.  Click here to find links to the animal you chose to research.

6.  Record your information on the research guide you printed earlier.

7.  Click here to go to Jan Brett's home page and print an animal mask for the animal you researched.

8.  Attach the animal mask to the front of your research report and turn in to your teacher.

How your work will be graded:

Did you follow the directions?

Did you choose one animal to research?

Did you include at least four facts from the research guide in your paper?

Did you use the writing process?

     a.  Choose one animal to focus on?

     b.  Group related ideas?

     c.  Include descriptive details?

     d.  Revise writing for clarity?

     e.  Edit final copy for grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling

Did you print and attach an animal mask as the cover of your report?


    It's your turn to give the grades.   After you have completed at least one activity, tell us what you think. 

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