It's easy.   In Windows, right click on the single hedgehog above and save the file to your disk.  With the Mac, hold down the mouse button until the download options appear then save the file to disk.  Save it to your Desktop or another folder of your choice. 
    You will need the Epson Photo Sticker kit - 5 Sheets of A6-size 4x6 stickers with StickerPix Lite software.   The kit is available in computer stores or on the Internet from CompUSA (search on "photo stickers").
    After you have installed the software on your computer, select "Pattern" and "Tulips" for the Design, and select "Add File" for the Photo.   You'll need to change the File Type to JPEG file and then select the Hedgehog File that you saved.
    For Position chose the top choice "The shape of the frame will be adjusted to the shape of the sticker."
    Then select Print and your Hedgies will be all ready!

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