September Hedge-a-gram

September! Is there a lot happening in your life? Back to school, new experiences, and new and old friends? For me, I'm half way through my new book. I don't have to struggle with who my characters really are, and piecing together the setting. It's almost like going to a movie you've seen before. I can paint away without having to question and evaluate so much!

I'm very excited about the Boston Symphony's new season starting this month. My husband, Joe, plays the double bass and I will hear him play Beethoven's Ninth Symphony. It's one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever written, and there is a place where the basses have a majestic forceful part. I find that ideas for books often come to me while listening to music. Maybe that's because I stop thinking about everyday things and my mind travels along with the composer's vision. I hope kids are given the opportunity to hear classical music and are inspired to play an instrument or become good listeners.

That's why, on Monday, December 7th, I am going to have an auction of original artwork from my most recent books. The illustrations from my books have been in a traveling museum show for the last three years. Now that the paintings are back, I am giving them to the Boston Symphony Orchestra to auction with all of the proceeds going to the Boston Symphony's Youth Activities Program. I hope that the auction of my paintings will help bring the love of music to many, many children. You can find out all about it and place a bid on your favorite illustration on the new auction page on my Internet site.

I'm also looking forward to sharing music with children myself. On Saturday, December 5th, we'll be having an open house at Boston Symphony Hall for families. They'll be an exhibit of Holiday Gingerbread Houses, a train display, characters from the Boston Ballet's Nutcracker, a special concert by the Greater Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra.

The Holidays are a time to experience joy and wonder. I hope that if you live nearby you'll come to visit with me.

Best wishes for new beginnings! Whether you're a teacher or a learner, let's all join together for a great fall!