October Hedge-a-gram

It's October, and this is my new monthly hedge a gram - the time I take to let you know what's on my art table, and what's going on in my part of the book world. I want all the future illustrators and writers to know as much as they can about what it's like!

I have only a few pages of my fall 1999 book, The Gingerbread Baby, left to go, and I'll be driving to New York City to meet with my editor and art director at the publishers. They'll look at the art with fresh eyes and let me know the impression it makes on them. Sometimes, even though I've done sketches and a "dummy" or cartoon version of my book, we'll decide to change something. It's a meeting I look forward to, but also fell anxious about. I hope that they like my new book!

Any day in the mail, I'll receive the just minted copies of The Night Before Christmas. I've gotten my first review - the reviewers receive unbound books so they can have a head start. It was a good review! Reviews often reveal things in my books that I didn't even know where there, so it's always interesting. I love the way The Night Before Christmas turned out and I can't wait to give my first copy to my sister and her family - they were the family pictured in the book and they didn't even know it!

Next month is my book tour - I've ordered gold pens to sign with. Something new! Joe and I are organizing our tree-toppers - the little gift we have for the first people in line. Only one thing left....I have to find something to wear! I like kids to know how appreciated their visits to my booksignings are, and I want to dress up to reflect that.

By for now.