January Hedge a Gram

Happy New Year! This is my January hedge a gram. A time that I go on about what I'm doing as an illustrator. When I was little I didn't know what an illustrator's life would be like - and I'm imagining that my information could help you decide if that's what you would like to do.

To be honest, I'm pretty tired. I was very, very busy this fall - not drawing, but signing books! I finished most of the Gingerbread Baby in October before I went on the bookstore tour But then my editor Margaret and art director, Cecilia and I decided to change the end of the book. I had wanted to have a cut-out gingerbread baby at the book's en that a child could lift out of the gingerbread house and hold in their hands. Now, I think of a book belonging to just on child, but many books go to schools and libraries. So my idea was not practical - if on child couldn't part with the cut-out gingerbread baby, he or she might take it home and the book would be left baby-less! So now the surprise is a door on the last page. When you open it you can see the baby dancing around inside. It's January and I have that one last page still to do!

After I finish the last page of the Gingerbread Baby my New Year can finally start!

I'm also thinking of next year's book - it might be a good night story, but it might be Peter and the Wolf. That's a Russian folk tale made famous by the Russian composer, Serge Prokofiev, who wrote music to go along with the words.

Since my husband, Joe, is a musician, I am happy when our tow worlds enhance each other. If I do decide to illustrate Peter and the Wolf, Joe and I will go to Russia this May to do the research for the illustrations. I still deciding if that's a good book to do. What do you think?


One last thing - if you were one of the teachers, librarians, children or parents that came to my booksignings this past fall, I want to say thank you so much. I loved meeting everyone and I remember you. Your comments stay with me.

I wish all good things for a happy and healthy New Year, full of creativity, books and drawings.

Bye for now,