December Hedge a Gram

Happy December!

My husband Joe and I have just come back from a book signing tour of the United States - you may have seen our schedule on the website. Of all the things I did not expect that came with being an author and illustrator of books for children, booksignings are the most surprising. You see, when I was little I started drawing a lot because I was shy! When I was in grade school, I would be all mixed up when I tried to talk. Everything was so much clearer when I drew my thoughts - it seemed so right! Booksignings are not what I expected when I was six, but now that I'm an adult, I think they're a wonderful thing and I don't feel shy at all.

I'm so happy to meet kids who want to be artists or writers or just love books. Sometimes, they'll tell me about their pets or the stories they're working on. I tell them about my life too. Kids are pretty surprised when I tell them we don't have a TV, but they're not surprised when I tell them I have a horse, a hedgehog and hens as pets. That's because kids have visited the website. They know more about me than I do!

I'd like to leave you with one last thought for 1999. It's something I noticed at my booksignings. Many of you were really loving and caring about your brothers and sisters. One boy bought a book with his own money for his sister. Another little girl read to her sister while the two of them waited for their turn. That's such a nice way to be and I admire you for it.

I'll talk to you again in the year 2000! I wish you all wonderful Holiday festivities and hope that you celebrate your creativity in the next millennium.

Bye for now.