The Animals of The Hat

You can print these masks and use them for a play.

The Hat
This is a great project to use with my book The Hat

These files are quite large and download slowly, but I hope that you'll be pleased by the quality.
Click on each animal to display the full sized mask artwork.

Printing Suggestions

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"Doesn't everybody know?
Animals don't wear clothes."

The pony
The Pony
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"Neigh! Hedgie, what is that
ridiculous thing on your head?"

The cat
The Cat
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"Meow! What a silly
hedgehog you are!"

The dog
The Dog
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"Woof, woof!  Look puppies,
look how funny Hedgie looks!"

The pig
The Pig
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"Oink, oink!
What are you up to Hedgie?"

The chicken
The Chicken
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"Cluck, cluck, cluck!
What's on your head Hedgie?!"

The gander
The Gander
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"Honk, honk, ho,ho,ho!
Look at Hedgie, he's flipped!"

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