Hedgie Cross Stitch

by Kathleen Nelson

      The sample above was stitched with 4 strands of DMC on 11 count White Aida (It is shown at a reduced size to save download time).   For 14 or 18 count fabric, use 1 strand of each floss color for blended stitches.  For 11 count fabric use 2 strands of each floss color for blended stitches.
      There are many 1/4 and 3/4 stitches in this pattern, which have been left empty in the graph so that it will be easier to read.  These stitches should be filled with the closest adjacent color in the chart, or left blank for less experienced stitchers.  The pattern is complete including the back-stitching.


Outline yellow flowers with 742 - tangerine, lt.
Outline purple flowers with 333 - blue violet, vr 
Outline leaves with 699 - Christmas green.
Outline Hedgie face, hands, feet and eyes with 310 - black.
The highlights in the nose and eyes should be stitched with white.

Click here for LEFT Top side of the graph
Click here for LEFT Bottom side of the graph

Click here for RIGHT top side of the graph
Click here for RIGHT bottom side of the graph

You'll need to trim, cut, and tape the four pages
 together to create the finished pattern.

Click here for the Color Key

   Both Hedgie and I hope that you'll have a wonderful time working on the new cross stitch.

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