Home for Christmas

Written and illustrated  by
Jan Brett
G. P. Putnam's Sons
ISBN  978-0-399-25653-0

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     "In May of 2010 my husband Joe and I traveled to Sweden to see where Rollo, my runaway troll, might live.  My favorite visit was to Kiruna, the jumping off place to Sweden's Arctic North.  Might it be because it was there that I met my Moose family?
     "I had left home without deciding whether Rollo would join a reindeer family or a moose family.   On a farm we met five adult moose in the calf.  As they ambled toward us, I could see their long, familiar comic noses.  But when they got close, I was drawn to their intelligent eyes and majestic presence with their long bridled northern fur coats, black cloven hosts and elegant palmate antlers.  It was spring, and the moose were as affectionate as horses.  I even managed to get a big kiss on their velvety cushiony noses.
     "Needless to say, I've fallen for these endearing creatures and can hardly wait to get home so they would join Rollo and my illustrations re-creating the elegant landscapes of the flora and fauna we saw in Sweden."


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