Berlioz the Bear and his fellow musicians are due to play for the town ball
 when their bandwagon becomes stuck in a hole in the road.

Berlioz the Bear




Berlioz the Bear
Written and illustrated by
Jan Brett
G. P. Putnam Sons
ISBN: 0-399-22248-0

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     Zum, zum, buzz.... zum, zum, buzz...
     What's that strange buzz coming from the double bass? Berlioz has no time to investigate, because he and his bear orchestra are due at the gala ball in the village square at eight. But Berlioz is so worried about his buzzing bass that he steers the mule and his bandwagon full of musicians into a hole in the road and gets stuck.
     Time is running out, and if a rooster, a cat, a billy goat, a plow horse, and an ox can't rescue the bandwagon, who can?
     As the suspense mounts, intricate borders reveal the village animals making their way to the square one by one. When the clock chimes eight, the animals, ready to dance, have filled the square-but there's no sign of Berlioz.
     Jan Brett's glorious illustrations invite the eye to linger over exquisite details and humorous nuances that enhance the story. This delightful cumulative tale is one that will be looked at again and again.

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