Teacher Feedback

Directions to Teacher:

Please take a moment to complete this survey after at least two Author Study activities have been completed by at least one student.

  1. Grade level of students using Author Study

  2. My students use Author Study

    in a regular heterogeneous class
    in a remedial reading class (Title I)
    in a Special Education class
    in a Special Education Resource class

  3. I use Author Study with

    individual students
    small groups (2-4)
    many students (4-10)
    most students (more than 10)

  4. Author Study activities are completed by

    the whole class working together
    a group of students (2-4) working together
    individual students working independently

  5. To what degree does Author Study support the objectives of the unit within which it is used?

    not at all
    to a great degree
    don't know

  6. How often do you need to assist your students in their completion of Author Study activities

    rarely or never

  7. To what degree have you noticed the quality of student work improve as a result of using Author Study

    no improvement
    slight improvement
    some improvement
    a great deal of improvement

  8. Author Study provides navigation pathways with easy access, hyper-links, and clarity so that students know where they are and where they can go

    not at all
    to a great extent

  9. Author Study provides links that offer information that is significant in depth and richness

    not at all
    to a great extent

  10. Author Study is stable and reliable. The links are updated and current.

    not at all
    to a great extent

  11. Author Study directs students to use e-mail to send and receive information or to establish communication.


  12. If yes, to what degree was this e-mail experience successful for your students

    not at all
    to a great extent

  13. The objectives and standards listed in the Teacher's Guide are consistent with the activity

    not at all
    to a great extent

  14. The rubrics (How You Will Be Graded), when provided are clear and informative so that students know how their work will be assessed.

    not at all
    to a great extent

  15. Author Study facilitates sharing of student work. There are templates or forms to use in creating projects. Student work is displayed or accessible on the site.

    not at all
    to a great extent

  16. The following statements apply to my students who have used Author Study: (Check all that apply)

    self-motivated and highly capable
    high commitment to activities
    average commitment to most activities
    need special support to complete activities
    need Special Education support

    Here's your chance to tell us more about your experience with Author Study.  Please include any suggestions you have including sites you would like to recommend or dead links you found.

    Tell us how to get in touch with you:

    Thank you for your time and input.