Research Guide

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Collect and use the following information to write a research paper on the animal of your choice.


1.  Describe how your animal gathers and stores food?




2.  Tell how your animal finds shelter?




3.  Describe how your animal defends itself?




4.  Explain how your animal cares for its young?




5.  Does your animal hibernate? Why or why not?




6.  Does your animal migrate? Why or why not?




7.  Does your animal use camouflage? If so how?




8.  Describe the habitat of your animal.




Use the Writing Process.

                        Remember to develop a plan for writing.

                        Focus on a central idea.

                        Group related information.

                        Include descriptive details that elaborate the central idea.

                        Revise writing for clarity.

                        Edit final copy for grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling.