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Task: Write a friendly letter

Book: Town Mouse, Country Mouse


1. Read Town Mouse, Country Mouse.

2. Click here to review the parts of a Friendly Letter. (heading, greeting, body, closing, signature)

3. Pretend that you are the town mouse and your teacher is the country mouse.   Write a letter to your cousin, the country mouse. In your letter, tell about your visit to the country. Remember to include all parts of a friendly letter.

4. Have your teacher check your letter before you go to the next step.

5. Click here to go to Jan Brett's e-mail site for postcards.

6. Select the card you would like to send.

7. Type in the address information including your teacher's e-mail address.

8. Type your letter and check your work. Have your teacher or a buddy check your work, too.

9. Click on the send button to "mail" your postcard.

When you are finished, you may click here to print a piece of Jan Brett's stationary and write a friendly letter to a friend. .

How your work will be graded:

Did you address your postcard to your teacher?

Did your letter have a purpose (tell about your visit to the country)?

Did you tell why you are writing?

Did you include the five parts of a friendly letter? (heading-date, greeting, body, closing, signature)


It's your turn to give the grades.   After you have completed at least one activity, tell us what you think. 

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