Using Jan Brett's Website to Teach the Virginia SOLs       Go to Student Worksheet
Students will work 
from Mrs. Brett's 
Postcards Webpage, Collect data as to 
how many cards are
in each category.

Virginia Math SOLs:  3.21, 3.22 

Using Jan Brett's Website to Collect Data, Create Graphs and Interpret Graphs:

Students will work from Mrs. Brett's Postcards webpage, collect data as to how many cards she has under each category.  Students will place a tally card under the correct category on a flannel graphing chart for each.
Students will place 
a tally card under 
the correct category 
on a flannel graphing
chart for each.
3.21  The student, given grid paper, will collect data on a given topic of his/her choice and construct a bar graph showing the results.  A title and key will be included. 
3.22  The student will read and interpret data represented in bar and picture graphs. 
Working with the 
teacher, students 
will key in totals 
for each category
in an Excel Spreadsheet. 
After completing, 
the teacher will 
demonstrate how 
simple it is to 
convert a 
spreadsheet to a 
bar graph. 

Virginia Computer SOls C/T5.4   

Use Excel Spreadsheet to Record Data and Create a Bar Graph that Summarizes Collected Data

Working with the teacher, students will key in totals for each category in an Excel Spreadsheet. 
After completing, the teacher will demonstrate how simple it is to convert a spreadsheet to a bar graph. 
Students will use the chart to analyze the data and finally the teacher will create questions related to the bar graph for students to answer. 
Students will use 
the chart to analyze 
the data and finally 
the teacher will
create questions 
related to the bar 
graph for students 
to answer.
C/T5.4 The student will communicate through application software. 
    Create a 1-2 page document using word processing skills,  writing process steps, and publishing programs. 
    Use simple computer graphics and integrate graphics into  word-processed documents. 
    Create simple databases and spreadsheets to manage  information and create reports. 
    Use local and worldwide network communication systems. 
Created by Shirley Wilborne