“Armadillo Rodeo” takes place in the hill country of

a. Montana

b. Mexico

c. Texas

Armadillos have difficulty

d. walking

e. hearing

f. seeing

The girl in the story is

g. Harmony Jean

h. Annie Oakley

i. Spotlight

When Bo, the armadillo, saw the red boots he thought he was looking at

j. red boots

k. a red armadillo

l. a red chili pepper

Spotlight, the horse, started to buck when

m. he saw the armadillo

n. he felt the armadillo

o. someone yelled his name

“Buck” means

p. eat a carrot

q. walk slowly

r. throw off

When Harmony Jean sat down at the campfire, she took off her boots and tossed them behind her. Explain what Bo did next.






When Bo stuck his head into the boot, he said:

s. “This is a good place to sleep.”

t. “Gee, this stinks!”

u. “You’re not an armadilloooooooo!”



Do you think that Bo learned his lesson about wandering off from his mother? Why or why not?








10. How would you describe the way an armadillo looks? You can draw a picture.