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Comet's Nine Lives

Reading Comprehension Test


Short Answer Questions

      Read the beautiful book, Comet's Nine Lives, then take this interactive test to see how well you comprehended the story and understood the vocabulary.

The following Word Bank will help you.

  Word Bank:

bike ride    first of the nine lives   Comet's Nine Lives    Jan Brett 
Fourth of July concert    bookshop    Brant Point    sea    nine lives 
companionship    flower garden    italic    ice cream shop    theater 
dogs or canines    hurricane    green eyes of the lighthouse cat
stopped quickly    captain    lighthouse cat

1. The title of the book is

2. The book was written and illustrated by

3. Comet knew he had been born with

4. He'd never thought much about it until the day he lost the

5. Life number one was lost in a 

6. Comet lost life number two in a

7. Life number three was lost on the high

8. Life Number Four was lost during the 

9. Life Number Five was lost in the

10. Life Number Six was lost on a 

11. Life Number Seven was lost in the

12. Life Number Eight was lost during a

13. Dazed, he saw a green light across the room. The green light was the 

14. Comet knew exactly where he wanted to live for the rest of his life. It was with the

15. A shaggy sheepdog ________ travels through the story and into the borders. 

16. In the book, the characters that inhabits Nantucket are colorful _________ . 

17. He could see the beacon of the _________ ________ lighthouse in the distance.

18. Waffles screeched to a halt to avoid a taxi. This sentence means Waffles 

19. In the story, Comet's thoughts are written in a special text called

20. In the sentence, "She was happy to have Comet's company." the word, company means

This test was created by Shirley Wilborne Park Avenue Elementary School

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