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Travel Buddy Project
Snuggles in Milford, Massachusetts
at Brookside Elementary School
October 6- October 10, 1998

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Hi Everyone,

I spent an enjoyable few days in Massachusetts. Milford is about 45 minutes outside of Boston. I visited at Brookside Elementary School, which has students in grades K - 2. Here is a map to show the location. The boys and girls at Brookside were very nice. They were reading lots of Arthur books by Marc Brown. As a matter of fact, they were even writing their own Arthur stories. If you go to Mrs. Alves' Class Page you should be able to read some of them.

I also helped the boys and girls work on patterns. They were using Math Workshop and did a great job. Here's a picture of me giving some advice on which color to use next.

When I went home with Mrs. Alves, I got to spend some time with her friend Felix. Felix is a character from the book Letters From Felix by Annette Langen. He is a world traveler and had a lot of advice for me ( since I'm new at all this traveling stuff!). Here's a picture of me with Felix.

I'm on my way to Newport, Rhode Island. I should arrive there on Tuesday. Felix told me it's very pretty there. He visited the summer before last. Say hello to all my friends...I miss you.

Snuggles, the Traveling Hedgehog