Berlioz the Bear 

Reading Comprehension Test 

Short Answer Questions

     Read about a musical group of bears and the problem they had getting to the gala ball on   time.  Then take this test to see how well you comprehended and understood the sequence  and vocabulary of the story.  The Word Bank will help you choose the correct answer.  

Word Bank

ox Jan Brett 
bee plow horse 
dog budge
a cat a rooster
buzzed billy goat
put on your concert tailcoats
the bells had stopped chiming
The front wheel was stuck in the hole.
Berlioz the Bear 
take out their instruments and start tuning up
buzzing sound
Play one more song 
for a gala ball in the village square
it was almost time for the ball to begin
the mule sat down and would not pull the wagon 
made a sound with his mouth to tell the mule to go

         1. The title of the story is ___________________________________ .

         2. The orchestra was going to play at _________________________


         3. Berlioz was having a little problem with his double bass.

            A strange ______________________ was coming from his double bass.

         4. All the musicians climbed aboard the ______________________________.

         5. All Berlioz could think about was what if his bass 

                     ______________________________ during the ball.

         6. Berlioz picked up the reins and clucked to the mule.

                     What does the phrase, "clucked to the mule" mean?


         7. Suddenly, Berlioz has a new problem.


         8. What made the problem even greater was that


         9. The first animal to try to help was   ______________________ .

         10. Next was the tabby, which means   ______________________.

         11. Berlioz begins to think they will not get to the ball on time.

         He tells everyone to _______________________________ .

         12. Then a schnauzer comes along, meaning a  ____________________ .

         13. Now Berlioz hands out the music and tells everyone to 

                        __________________________________________________ .

         14. Along came a prancing   ______________  _________________ .

         15. A __________ ____________ thought it would be easy to move the mule.

         16. Berlioz tugged at his ears because _______________________________

                        __________________________________ .

         17. A large _______ came lumbering toward them.

         18. The mule would not   ___________________ .

         19. until A very angry ________ shot out of the bass.

         20. The bee made the mule jump up and pull the bandwagon out of the hole, 

                        down the road and into the village square before

                         __________________________________________________ .

         21. "Encore, Berlioz! Encore!" What does this mean?

                        ___________________________________________________ .

         This test was created by  Shirley Wilborne