The Turnip 2015 Lunch on the Bus Contest Winners

2015 Fall Lunch on the Bus Contest Winners


     Congratulations to the winners of the

 2015 Fall Lunch on the Bus Contest.


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Grand Prize Winner

    Media Specialist Melanie Peterson from Ellis Elementary School in Logan, Utah.   I'm looking forward to having lunch with Melanie and three of her friends when I'm in Logan on tour this fall.

Poster Winners

     Congratulation to all of the posters winners too!   I've listed their names and the city that I'll be coming to on the book tour.  I'll be emailing everyone this coming week to arrange to mail them the poster.

Amanda Carper, Frederick, MD
Anahi Ramirez, Ann Arbor/Van Buren Township
Ann Chestnut, Syracuse/Fayetteville, NY
Anne Larr, Cleveland/Hudson, OH
April Morris, Boston/Northborough, MA
Audrey Hawthorne, Boston/Northborough, MA
Beth Walker, Gillette, WY
Branda Harbert, Frederick, MD
Brenda Lathigee, Portsmouth, NH
Brooke VanDerlin, Cleveland/Hudson, OH
Carol Hogerman, Rochester/Webster, NY
Carol Zelaya, Coal City, IL
Cathy deVeer, Boston/Northborough, MA
Char Nielsen, Gillette, WY
Cheryl Cadieu, Saginaw, MI
Cindy Downing, Davenport, IA
Cody Slimak, Cleveland/Hudson, OH
Crystal Dangler, Cleveland/Hudson, OH
Diana Booth, Athens, OH
Dianne Tuhy, Fairfield, CT
Elaine Hashem, Portsmouth, NH
Emily Kordasiewicz, Rochester/Webster, NY
Evelyn Robinson, Frederick, MD
Gaetane Thibaudeau, Los Angeles/Santa Clarita, CA
Gail Schmidt, Omaha/Seward, NE
Hannah Andersen, Cedar Falls/Waverly, IA
Jacque Seastedt, Portsmouth, NH
Janette Calder, Boston/Northborough, MA
Jean Christie, Cleveland/Hudson, OH
Jeanne Meiers, Fairfield, CT
Jedidiah Reyna, Ann Arbor/Van Buren Township
Jennie Johnson, Rochester/Webster, NY
Jo Ann Macomber, Davenport, IA
Joan Bright, Saginaw, MI
Jordin Barden, Saginaw, MI
Julia Ward, Athens, OH
Karen Renzi, Rochester/Webster, NY
Karen Robison, Notre Dame, IN
Karin Kukis, Coal City, IL
Kathleen Fulcher, Notre Dame, IN
Kathryn Middleton, Fairfield, CT
Kati Penner, Salt Lake City/Logan, UT
Kelly Duwve, Ann Arbor/Van Buren Township
Kim Maxwell-Murdock, Notre Dame, IN
Laura Burnham, Portsmouth, NH
Laura Freed, Notre Dame, IN
Laura Sheehan, Boston/Northborough, MA
Leah G. McIlvain, Frederick, MD
Lee James, Rochester/Webster, NY
Leigh Maynard, Portsmouth, NH
Lily Clementine Longaker, Salt Lake City/Logan, UT
Linda Klingenberg, Athens, OH
Linda Morrison, Davenport, IA
Lisa Westlund, Omaha/Seward, NE
Lori Stevenson, Cedar Falls/Waverly, IA
Lynnett Lonaker, Athens, OH
Maggie McKay, Frederick, MD
Margaret Roehl, Cleveland/Hudson, OH
Maria Montreuil, Syracuse/Fayetteville, NY
Mary Ferris, Rochester/Webster, NY
Mary Parker, Coal City, IL
Maureen Riordan, Portsmouth, NH
Melissa Valencia, Los Angeles/Santa Clarita, CA
Michele Murphy, Cedar Falls/Waverly, IA
Michelle Fernandez, Los Angeles/Santa Clarita, CA
Misti Hard, Gillette, WY
Molly Clark, Boston/Northborough, MA
Nancy Long, Saginaw, MI
Nancy Mooney, Fairfield, CT
Nicholas Lindemeyer, Cleveland/Hudson, OH
Nicole Schofer, Frederick, MD
Olivia Rich, Los Angeles/Santa Clarita, CA
Pamela Anastasio, Syracuse/Fayetteville, NY
Patty Sheridan, Rochester/Webster, NY
Rachael Funk, Fairfield, CT
Rachel Armstrong, Notre Dame, IN
Rhonda Myers, Coal City, IL
Robin Greene, Boston/Northborough, MA
Samantha Weiner, Frederick, MD
Sara Delaurentiis, Rochester/Webster, NY
Sara Rekow, Cedar Falls/Waverly, IA
Sarah Shoemaker, Saginaw, MI
Sarah Costin, Portsmouth, NH
Serena Todd, Los Angeles/Santa Clarita, CA
Sherrill Hamman, Notre Dame, IN
Stacey Kelley, Notre Dame, IN
Stacey Snyder, Cedar Falls/Waverly, IA
Stephanie Yarzak, Davenport, IA
Sue Kurtenbach, Omaha/Seward, NE
Susan Brandeberry, Athens, OH
Susan Gould, Syracuse/Fayetteville, NY
Susan Jorgenson, Davenport, IA
Susan May, Frederick, MD
Susan Nichols, Orange County/ Newport Beach,
Susan Schwager, Helena, MT
Suzanne Norton, Syracuse/Fayetteville, NY
Suzanne Sullivan, Boston/Northborough, MA
Sydney Hyer, Cedar Falls/Waverly, IA
Tammy Tingler, Frederick, MD
Terri Armstrong, Gillette, WY
Tina Borgerding, Ann Arbor/Van Buren Township
Valerie Almeida, Boston/Northborough, MA
Vicki Lininger, Cleveland/Hudson, OH
Vickie Schields, Helena, MT
Vicky Bearce, Boston/Northborough, MA


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