Lunch on the Bus

2014 Fall Lunch on the Bus Contest Winners


     Congratulations to the winners of the

 2014 Fall Lunch on the Bus Contest.


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Grand Prize Winner

    Tanya Perretta from Sequiota Elementary and Sunshine Elementary in  Springfield, Missouri.   I'm looking forward to having lunch with Tanya and three of her friends when I'm in Springfield on tour this fall.

Poster Winners

     Congratulation to all of the posters winners too!   I've listed their names and the city that I'll be coming to on the book tour.  I'll be emailing everyone this coming week to arrange to mail them the poster.

Amber Wolf, Spring Valley, WI
Andrea Falco, Cobleskill, NY
Andrea Gyurko, Fort Wayne, IN
Andrea Manchester, Memphis, TN
Andrea Newman, Memphis, TN
Anne Clark, Bethlehem, PA
Barbara McCreary, Bethlehem, PA
Bess Thompson, West Des Moines, IA
Beth Lewis, Woodbridge, NJ
Betsy Kreider, Bethlehem, PA
Carole Sindorf,
Cathy Cafferky, Haverford, PA
Christina D. Davis, St. Peters, MO
Christine Erhard, Bethlehem, PA
Cindy Fielder, Kingston Springs, TN
Connie Anderson, Spring Valley, WI
Cynthia L. Blicher, Fort Wayne, IN
Darla Shaver, Memphis, TN
Dawn Jamros, Spokane, WA
Deb Harmon, New Haven, CT
Debra Demers, New Haven, CT
Diane Brownmiller, Bethlehem, PA
Donna Farkas, Woodbridge, NJ
Donna Shelton, Bethlehem, PA
Doreen Eaton, Omaha, NE
Eileen Baglivio, Bethlehem, PA
Elaine Kenny, Cobleskill, NY
Emily Havey, New Haven, CT
Emily Roberts, Kingston Springs, TN
Glenda Burks, Memphis, TN
Gwen Smith, Boise, ID
Heather Merriman, Woodbridge, NJ
Heidi Mochel, Leavenworth, WA
Holly Paolino, New Haven, CT
Jean M Lobby, Bethlehem, PA
Jennifer Bookhout, Springfield, MO
Jennifer Leslie, Haverford, PA
Jenny McCoy, Spring Valley, WI
Jessica Shea, New Haven, CT
Jessica Thoren, Hood River, OR
Joanne Earle, Cobleskill, NY
Joie Horner, Bethlehem, PA
Julie Webb, Spring Valley, WI
Karen Warren, Provo, UT
Kathy Bonnette, Bethlehem, PA
Kathy Williams, Woodbridge, NJ
Kelly Fahnestock, Haverford, PA
Kim Borland, Spring Valley, WI
Krista Maxwell, Bethlehem, PA
Kristen Baumgarten, Provo, UT
Kristi McGrew, Springfield, MO
Libby Miller, Fort Wayne, IN
Linda Reger, New Haven, CT
Loree Pals, Springfield, MO
Lynda Wilkie-Hemond, New Haven, CT
Lynne Schnuth, Fort Wayne, IN
Macady Coates, Provo, UT
Margie Becker, Bethlehem, PA
Marie McGowan, Bethlehem, PA
Mary Meegan, Memphis, TN
Maura Moran, New Haven, CT
Megan DeHaven, Haverford, PA
Melina Cronin, New Haven, CT
Melissa Lizmi, Haverford, PA
Melissa M. Bumgardner, Kingston Springs, TN
Mimi Roberts, Kingston Springs, TN
Molly Kinney, Bethlehem, PA
Nadine Carter, New Haven, CT
Naomi Hottenstein, Bethlehem, PA
Natalie Spahr, Haverford, PA
Pat Nalbone, Woodbridge, NJ
Peggy Moore, Fort Wayne, IN
Peggy Podhradsky, St. Cloud, MN
Rhona Pozecki, Bethlehem, PA
Rosa Walrath, New Haven, CT
Ryan Vincent, New Haven, CT
Samantha Eldardir, New Haven, CT
Sandra Senty-Babros, Spring Valley, WI
Sara Becker, Springfield, MO
Sara Tuttolomondo, Woodbridge, NJ
Sarah Shoemaker, Fort Wayne, IN
Sarah Smith, Fort Wayne, IN
Sarah Surgoine, Fort Wayne, IN
Shandra Allar, Bethlehem, PA
Sharon Kim, New Haven, CT
Sharon Zonker, Fort Wayne, IN
Sherry Skym, Springfield, MO
Stacie Orchekowsky, Memphis, TN
Sunny Quetone, Springfield, MO
Suzanne Skarsten, New Haven, CT
Tena DiRuocco, Cobleskill, NY
Terry Foltiny, Woodbridge, NJ
Therese McKenzie, St. Cloud, MN
Tia Feuerstein, New Haven, CT
Tomia Fingerle, Kingston Springs, TN
Tracie Ott, Hood River, OR
Vicki Lynch, New Haven, CT
Vida V. Townsend, Memphis, TN


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