2012 Fall Lunch on the Bus Contest Winners


     Congratulations to the winners of the 2012 Fall Lunch on the Bus Contest.

Grand Prize Winner

     Tasha Weinstein from Florida State University Tallahassee, Florida.   I'm looking forward to having lunch with Tasha and three of her friends when I'm in Tampa on tour this fall.

Poster Winners

     Congratulation to all of the posters winners too!   I've listed their names and the city that I'll be coming to on the book tour.  I'll be emailing everyone this coming week to arrange to mail them the poster.

Alicia Woods, Seattle, WA
Alida F. Given, Fairhope, AL
Alisa Harms, San Marcos, TX
Allison Barton, Corpus Christi, TX
Amanda Lamb, Corvallis, OR
Angela Harris, Montgomery, AL
Ann Jansen, Philadelphia,/King of Prussia
Ann LeMaster, Philadelphia,/King of Prussia
Ann Schissler, Ocean, NJ
Ann Stern, Phoenix/ Gilbert, AZ
Ann Tinner, Philadelphia,/King of Prussia
Anna Britt, Redding, CA
Anna Foody, Boston/ Wellesley, MA
Anna Jane Waddington, Philadelphia,/King of Prussia
Anna Swayne, Southern Pines, NC
Anne Korves, Philadelphia,/King of Prussia
Anne-Marie Walden, Vancouver, WA
Arlene Bene, Syracuse/Fayetteville, NY
Aylin Gulsoy, Philadelphia,/King of Prussia
Barb Spero, Ocean, NJ
Barbara Licitra, Ocean, NJ
Ben & Maddie Snyder, Boston/ Wellesley, MA
Beth Kendjoria, Augusta, GA/ Aiken, SC
Betsy Murphy, Boston/ Wellesley, MA
Brandi Givens, Tampa, FL
Brenda Webster, Boston/ Wellesley, MA
Carla Hatfield, Montgomery, AL
Carol Paulsen, Phoenix/ Gilbert, AZ
Carolyn Shelto, Boston/ Wellesley, MA
Carrie Ross, Boston/ Wellesley, MA
Cheryl Davis, Southern Pines, NC
Cindy Dittman, Philadelphia,/King of Prussia
Constance Parker, Augusta, GA/ Aiken, SC
Cynthia H. Ellington, Savannah, GA
Dawn Ashby, Philadelphia,/King of Prussia
Diane Meyer, Midland, TX
Dunell Cole, Corvallis, OR
Elaine Thornlimb, Corvallis, OR
Ellen Murphey, Redding, CA
Emily Evans, Augusta, GA/ Aiken, SC
Emily Naetzker, Elmira, NY
Esther Levine, Philadelphia,/King of Prussia
Florence Holmes, Boston/ Wellesley, MA
Ginger Kalafatis, Corpus Christi, TX
Grace Flanagan, Philadelphia,/King of Prussia
Gracie Schilling, Boston/ Wellesley, MA
Heather Girard, Southern Pines, NC
Jan Hahn, San Marcos, TX
Jane J. Pegram, Southern Pines, NC
Jeanne Zylber, Philadelphia,/King of Prussia
Jennifer Leonard, San Marcos, TX
Jimin Song, Seattle, WA
Joan Silhan, Elmira, NY
Joyce Kunz, Seattle, WA
Julia Robertson, Ocean, NJ
Julie Dillon, Boston/ Wellesley, MA
Karen Herrala, Elmira, NY
Katherine Wu, Ocean, NJ
Kelly Petry, Phoenix/ Gilbert, AZ
Kelly Swanson, Seattle, WA
Kim Sowell, San Marcos, TX
Krista Maxwell, Philadelphia,/King of Prussia
Laura C. Kauffman, Philadelphia,/King of Prussia
Laura Owens, Augusta, GA/ Aiken, SC
Linda E. Lampkin, Syracuse/Fayetteville, NY
Linda Selvidge, Sacramento/El Dorado Hills, CA
Lisi Clarke, San Marcos, TX
Lonna Pierce, Syracuse/Fayetteville, NY
Louise Sedevie-Lawrynk, Boston/ Wellesley, MA
Lynn Green, Jacksonville/ Neptune Beach, F
Macy Narvid, Philadelphia,/King of Prussia
Margaret Barthe, Tampa, FL
Michelle Abigail Johnson, Syracuse/Fayetteville, NY
Michelle Davis, Philadelphia,/King of Prussia
Missy Bedenbaugh, Southern Pines, NC
Nancy Howell, Seattle, WA
Nancy McDaniel, Sacramento/El Dorado Hills, CA
Natasha Ritter, Seattle, WA
Olivia Picarella, Seattle, WA
Pat Barnett, Augusta, GA/ Aiken, SC
Rachael Funk, Boston/ Wellesley, MA
Rachael Lundquist, Boston/ Wellesley, MA
Revetta Crolley, Montgomery, AL
Rosemary Bunn, Augusta, GA/ Aiken, SC
Ruth Kelly, Elmira, NY
Sandra King, Boston/ Wellesley, MA
Sara Mayse, Southern Pines, NC
Sarah Cochran, Augusta, GA/ Aiken, SC
Shannon Lackey, Philadelphia,/King of Prussia
Sharon Ekhoff, Tampa, FL
Stacey Fraley, Southern Pines, NC
Suzanne Chaply, Philadelphia,/King of Prussia
Teri Rhinehart, San Marcos, TX
Tracy Martin, Fairhope, AL
Tricia Moses, San Marcos, TX
Valerie Schuetta, Phoenix/ Gilbert, AZ
Wanda Campbell, Augusta, GA/ Aiken, SC
Wendy Thomas, Southern Pines, NC
William Hall, Boston/ Wellesley, MA
Zonia Smith, San Marcos, TX

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