2011 Fall Lunch on the Bus Contest Winners


     Congratulations to the winners of the 2010 Fall Lunch on the Bus Contest.

Grand Prize Winner

Diane Dulworth from the Saint Charles Elementary School in Saint Charles, Michigan

     I'm looking forward to having lunch with Diane and three of her friends when I'm in Ann Arbor on tour this fall.

Poster Winners

     Congratulation to all of the posters winners too!   I've listed their names and the city that I'll be coming to on the book tour.  I'll be emailing everyone this coming week to arrange to mail them the poster.

Meredith Strickland, Lewiston, ID
Janet Hidalgo, Twin Falls, ID
Briggs Armstrong, Naperville, IL
Pamela Derr, Naperville, IL
Jennifer Parker, Boston/Natick, MA
Marissa Menear, Boston/Natick, MA
Lisa Collins, Boston/Natick, MA
Sandra M. Parker, Boston/Natick, MA
Lynne Estes, Boston/Natick, MA
Donna Jean St.Pierre, Boston/Natick, MA
Christine Hoyt, Boston/Natick, MA
Linda E. Lampkin, Boston/Natick, MA
Wanda Kleinfelt, Ann Arbor, MI
Emily Hyzer, Ann Arbor, MI
Erin Mead, Ann Arbor, MI
Cathy Schrock, Ann Arbor, MI
Nicole Gerbens, Ann Arbor, MI
Carol A. Patrick, Ann Arbor, MI
Jackson Field, Ann Arbor, MI
Kathryn Duncan, Ann Arbor, MI
Ruth Olson, Ann Arbor, MI
Sandra Bradshaw, Ann Arbor, MI
Susie Frees, Ann Arbor, MI
Ryan Hebert, Ann Arbor, MI
Lynn Donaldson, Ann Arbor, MI
Jackie Merritt, Ann Arbor, MI
Valorie Veld, Ann Arbor, MI
Yudelka Orosco, Ann Arbor, MI
Karen Everett, Ann Arbor, MI
Megen Kania, Ann Arbor, MI
Theresa Mulcahy Cross, Wayzata, MN
Carol Scissons, Wayzata, MN
Ursula Speedling, Wayzata, MN
Paiton Schwab, Wayzata, MN
Jessica Shevy, Wayzata, MN
Vickey Long, Wayzata, MN
Dawn Harrell, Missoula, MT
Amy Leffler, Billings, MT
Patti Hagfeldt, Billings, MT
Peggy Fraser, Billings, MT
Leah Schuster, Billings, MT
Beth Marlatt, Billings, MT
Robyn Scribner, Billings, MT
Shirley Pritchard, Billings, MT
Carol Kunnerup, Billings, MT
Kelsey Redland, Billings, MT
Evan Ressler, Bismarck, ND
Joni Taylor, Bismarck, ND
Ardath Burrer, Bismarck, ND
Jody Erickson, Bismarck, ND
Joyce Robles, Bismarck, ND
Kristi Thune, Bismarck, ND
Gwyn Ridenhour, Bismarck, ND
Ruth Kloster, Bismarck, ND
Kim Cooke, Cherry Hill, NJ
Tracey Salvatore, Cherry Hill, NJ
April Maska, Cherry Hill, NJ
Randy Sue McKeever, Athens, OH
Brenda Eldridge, Findlay, OH
Della Taraska, Findlay, OH
Karen Scott, Athens, OH
Melissa K. Armann, Athens, OH
Tammy Honaker, Athens, OH
Joyce Taylor, Athens, OH
Carole Bryant, Athens, OH
MaryAnn Crowell, Athens, OH
Marin Kleppe, Athens, OH
Melinda Moore, Athens, OH
Jana Braughton, Athens, OH
Sarah Klinger, Athens, OH
Cindy Dressel, Athens, OH
Alisa Zink, Athens, OH
Sharon Dillion, Athens, OH
Sherri Martin, Athens, OH
Dottie Depugh, Athens, OH
Deidra Barbian, Athens, OH
Linda Bucher, Athens, OH
Angie Koch, Athens, OH
Ruth Ann Martin, Athens, OH
Mary Semivan, Athens, OH
Emily Folk, Athens, OH
Linda Klingenberg, Athens, OH
Mary Lanoue, Sterling, VA
Marleen Moffitt, Walla Walla, WA
Jennifer Malphy, Madison, WI
Bianca Bashor, Beckley, WV
Doris Kramer, Beckley, WV
Janette Daniels, Beckley, WV
Ileigh Lockhart, Beckley, WV
Gracyn Lockhart, Beckley, WV
Kelly Trudelle, Beckley, WV
Meredeth Legg, Beckley, WV
Ouida Brown, Beckley, WV
Barbara Bayless, Beckley, WV
Sandy Wood, Beckley, WV
Kathy McNalley, Beckley, WV
Craig Clarkson, Beckley, WV
Jennifer Huffman, Beckley, WV
April Lewis, Beckley, WV

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