2010 Spring Tour

2010  Spring Lunch on the Bus Contest

     Congratulations to Grand Prize Winner Susan Layrock from the Judsonia Elementary School in Judsonia Arkansas.   I'm looking forward to meeting Susan and to joining her and three of her friends for lunch on the tour bus when I'm in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Poster Winners

I'll be sending each winner an email letter and look forward to signing their posters.

Allie Dotson, Nashville/Murfreesboro, TN
Allison Brown, Washington DC/Gainesville, VA
Amy Uptain, Nashville/Murfreesboro, TN
Anna Harlan, Knoxville, TN
April Lewis, Winston-Salem, NC
Barb Galloy, Springfield, IL
Barbara J Burnett, Dallas, TX
Bonnie Bahr, Baltimore/Cockeysville, MD
Brett Butler, Virginia Beach, VA
Camryn Snapp, Indianapolis, IN
Candice Ahl, Dallas, TX
Carolyn Patton, Dallas, TX
Celi Trepanier, Nashville/Murfreesboro, TN
Celia Aguilar, Albuquerque, NM
Charlotte Pillow, Little Rock/State University, AR
Chris Sherren, Washington DC/Gainesville, VA
Christie McMaster, Albuquerque, NM
Claudia Jennings, Indianapolis, IN
Connor Johnson, Knoxville, TN
Darlyn Haskett, Indianapolis, IN
Dealia Yancey, Winston-Salem, NC
Denice Knight, Dallas, TX
Diane Shofkom, Washington DC/Gainesville, VA
Eileen Valle, Nashville/Murfreesboro, TN
Emma Freeman, Dallas, TX
Erica Grace Jackson, Boulder, CO
Gretchen Biery, Dallas, TX
Gretchen Jennings, Winston-Salem, NC
Heather Wilckens, Washington DC/Woodbridge, VA
Hunter Lissman, Cheyenne, WY
Jackie DiCenso, Springfield, IL
Jane Darnell, Albuquerque, NM
Jane Hill-Rosato, Baltimore/Cockeysville, MD
Janet Collins, Baltimore/Cockeysville, MD
Janet Lipinsky, Washington DC/Woodbridge, VA
Janice Boyle, Las Vegas, NM
Joyce Kunz, Colorado Springs,  CO
Julie Wilkins, Washington DC/Gainesville, VA
Karena Snyder, Baltimore/Cockeysville, MD
Kathleen Hampton, Casper, WY
Kathleen Moon, Baltimore/Cockeysville, MD
Kathleen Sullivan, Baltimore/Cockeysville, MD
Kathleen Trapp, Springfield, IL
Kathy Rickey, Springfield, IL
Kathy Smith, Winston-Salem, NC
Katrina McAllister, Colorado Springs,  CO
Kay Calvert, Little Rock/State University, AR
Kaye Gilbert, Dallas, TX
Kaylie Fernandez, Winston-Salem, NC
Kendrick Parrill, Boulder, CO
Kim Keating, Baltimore/Cockeysville, MD
Laura Holmes, Washington DC/Gainesville, VA
Lauren Rader, Indianapolis, IN
Linda Bucher, Indianapolis, IN
Linda Fine, Springfield, IL
Linda Klingenberg, Indianapolis, IN
Lisa Anderson, Knoxville, TN
LuAnne Bryan, Little Rock/State University, AR
Maja Alic, Indianapolis, IN
Mandi Breeden, Knoxville, TN
Mandy Lomax, Albuquerque, NM
Marco Negrete, Nashville/Murfreesboro, TN
Maria Thorne, Knoxville, TN
Martha Neeley, Nashville/Murfreesboro, TN
Mary McDonald, Nashville/Murfreesboro, TN
Meredeth Legg, Little Rock/State University, AR
Michelle Barnett, Nashville/Murfreesboro, TN
Moira Joy Alsbrooks, Baltimore/Cockeysville, MD
Mollie Rowlett, Little Rock/State University, AR
Nancy Gillis, Roanoke, VA
Nancy Martinez, Baltimore/Cockeysville, MD
Neil Lemke, Springfield, IL
Paiton Schwab, Indianapolis, IN
Pat Love, Little Rock/State University, AR
Pat Warner, Baltimore/Cockeysville, MD
Patrick Horne, Winston-Salem, NC
Paul Acelin Goodchild, Dallas, TX
Paul Schadt, Albuquerque, NM
Paula Petry, Albuquerque, NM
Perry Lewis, Little Rock/State University, AR
Phyllis J. Wood, Springfield, IL
Polly Davis, Washington DC/Gainesville, VA
Rachel Moody, Knoxville, TN
Rachel Snider, Nashville/Murfreesboro, TN
Randee Ottinger-Bryan, Indianapolis, IN
Rebecca Owen, Springfield, IL
Rebecca Paschal, Nashville/Murfreesboro, TN
Rhoda Derstine, Roanoke, VA
Rochelle Geyer, Springfield, IL
Rose Potter, Washington DC/Gainesville, VA
Sarah Jetton, Winston-Salem, NC
Sarah Klinger, Indianapolis, IN
Sarah Ramsey, Winston-Salem, NC
Sarah Wilson, Washington DC/Woodbridge, VA
Shannon Morgan, Dallas, TX
Sharon Dawkins, Springfield, IL
Sherry Liggett, Roanoke, VA
Skyler Daum, Washington DC/Woodbridge, VA
Susannah Marais, Boulder, CO

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