2010 Fall Lunch on the Bus Contest Winners

Chris Sherren from Mill City Middle School, and her guests daughter Christy Sherren, Natalie Cole, and her mother Dunell Cole from the Gates Elementary School.

     Congratulations to the winners of the 2010 Fall Lunch on the Bus Contest.   I'm looking forward to having lunch with Chris Sherren from the Mill City Middle School and three of her friends when I'm in Portland/Tualatin Oregon on tour this fall

Grand Prize Winner

Chris Sherren, Mill City Middle School, Mill City Oregon


   Congratulation to all of the posters winners too!   I've listed their names and the city that I'll be coming to on the book tour.  I'll be emailing everyone this coming week to arrange to mail them the poster.

    I've sent email letters to everyone listed below.   If your email has not arrived, please send me a note with your postal mailing address and I'll send you the poster right away.   Thanks.

Poster Winners

 Ellanor Bazan, Bellingham, WA
Revetta Crolley, Bloomington, IL
Erin Oskroba, Bloomington, IL
Jan Couillard, Bloomington, IL
Barb Galloy, Bloomington, IL
Britta Armstrong, Bloomington, IL
Pam Mentuck, Boston/Acton, MA
Penni Labarge, Boston/Acton, MA
Terry Johnson, Boston/Acton, MA
Caleb McMullen, Boston/Acton, MA
Carla Hatfield, Boston/Acton, MA
Molly Schilling, Boston/Acton, MA
Hannah Sadler, Boston/Acton, MA
Georagnne white, Boston/Acton, MA
Brooke Parks, Boston/Acton, MA
Sasha Proulx, Boston/Acton, MA
Jennifer Parker, Boston/Acton, MA
Patricia Labun, Boston/Acton, MA
Caroline Witherington, Cincinnati, OH
Nancy Wojcik, Cincinnati, OH
Kimberly Hrivnak, Cincinnati, OH
Mary Parker, Cincinnati, OH
Linda Klingenberg, Cincinnati, OH
Beth Schauss, Cincinnati, OH
Joetta Rader, Cincinnati, OH
Linda Bucher, Cincinnati, OH
Jeri Smith, Cincinnati, OH
Martie Progar, Cincinnati, OH
Lisa Coons, Cincinnati, OH
Becky Light, Cincinnati, OH
Sue Fulmer, Grand Rapids, MI
Kylee McVety, Grand Rapids, MI
Kelly Rummel, Grand Rapids, MI
Jan Kirkpatrick, Hastings, NE
Jan Oberst, Ithaca, NY
Linda K. Havron, Ithaca, NY
Kerry Zostant, Ithaca, NY
Claudia Grunewald, Lincoln, NE
Susan Sloup, Lincoln, NE
Dawn Ressler, Lincoln, NE
Pamela Marta, Lincoln, NE
Amy Ruisinger, Lincoln, NE
Taylor Shockley, Los Angeles/La Verne, CA
Susan Hebert, Petoskey, MI
Amy Maute, Philadelphia/Malvern, PA
Jeanne Zylber, Philadelphia/Malvern, PA
Carson Peregrn, Philadelphia/Malvern, PA
Maureen Foster, Philadelphia/Malvern, PA
Jeanine Albiges, Philadelphia/Malvern, PA
George-Ann Petueli, Pleasanton, CA
Nancy Shishido, Pleasanton, CA
Audrey Gould, Pleasanton, CA
Lorenzo Madrid, Pleasanton, CA
Kathy Perry, Pleasanton, CA
Elizabeth Collins, Portland/Tualatin, OR
Rachel Sudul, Portland/Tualatin, OR
Debbie Fisher, Portland/Tualatin, OR
Jan Miller, Portland/Tualatin, OR
Amanda Lomax, Portland/Tualatin, OR
Dunell Cole, Portland/Tualatin, OR
Melissa Heideman, Portland/Tualatin, OR
Audrey Wentzel, Portland/Tualatin, OR
Louise Sedevie-Lawrynk, Rockford, IL
Sherri Marusich, Rockford, IL
Janie Manus, Rockford, IL
Diane Motley, Rockford, IL
Mary Jo Fesenmaier, Rockford, IL
Stacy Klapperich, Rockford, IL
Dee Camilotto, Rockford, IL
David Sanchez, Rockford, IL
Donna Grunewald, Rockford, IL
Lisa Davis, Salt Lake City, UT
Delia Maggard, Salt Lake City, UT
Polly Hayworth, Salt Lake City, UT
Julio Cortez, Salt Lake City, UT
Tracy McBride, Salt Lake City, UT
Yolanda Marshall, Salt Lake City, UT
Dorothy Chambliss, Salt Lake City, UT
Jacklyn Melahn, San Diego, CA
Lynda Underwood, San Francisco/Menlo Park, CA
ZoAnn Brinkman, San Francisco/Menlo Park, CA
Theresa Inglis, Seattle/Lake Forest Park, WA
Marcelle Carson, Seattle/Lake Forest Park, WA
Tami O'Keefe, Seattle/Lake Forest Park, WA
Heather Stewart, Seattle/Lake Forest Park, WA
Jan O'Neil, Seattle/Lake Forest Park, WA
Joyce Kunz, Seattle/Lake Forest Park, WA
Linda Loomis, Spokane, WA
Polly Briscoe, Spokane, WA
Abby Edmonson, Traverse City, MI
Rachel Snider, Wilkes-Barre, PA
Adrienne L. Roth, Wilkes-Barre, PA
Carey Kunkle, Wilkes-Barre, PA
Mickey Grey, Williamsport, PA
Carol Steward, Williamsport, PA
Pamela Fink, Williamsport, PA
Lori Mickey, Williamsport, PA
Kat Sopko, Williamsport, PA
Joyce Meacham, Williamsport, PA

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