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Jan Brett Interactive Coloring Pages

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     Choose any of the coloring pages by clicking on the "Page" dropdown box at the top. Hold down the left mouse button while moving your mouse to paint.
     You can also click on the colors at the top of the page or use the "Replace Color in Palette" box at the bottom right to choose and add a new color to the selected box at the top. The slider at the bottom right controls the size of the paint brush. Hint: You can select and use the color white to erase other colors.
     The fill style at the top can be changed from "Color" which is solid to "Trace" which stays close to and within the lines (this is great for small details).
     To print your artwork:
1: Press the "Print Screen" button on the keyboard.
2: Open up your favorite graphical editor (everyone has Microsoft Paint).
3: Hit edit... paste in the menu bar, and voilá.
4: Crop the coloring page out of the rest of the pasted picture and print.

     Thanks for using Jan Brett Interactive Coloring pages.